Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Glass Wine Bar - $20 Cheeseburger, Fries and Wine lunch deal

s there a meat-lover/comfort food lover who doesn't like a massive burger with thick juicy beef pattie? None I think. Cheeseburgers have been a long running success and popular amongst comfort food lovers. Even McDonalds chains would confirm that for you.

Look at all the wine!
My beloved readers, let me ask you this: What if someone uses high grade beef such as Wagyu in their burger and served in a place like Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Sydney Hotel with wine, would you be interested? I certainly was! Especially when I found out about their $20 burger and wine lunch deal! My friend Tonkosu Bexx and I could not resist this lunch deal.

Luke Mangan white wine
First, a glass of Luke Mangan's awesome white wine was served (which is normally $13) Perfect for a midday drink!

Wagyu cheeseburger, Fries, tomato sauce and pickle (hidden behind the burger)
The Wagyu cheeseburger, as the name describes it, uses Wagyu beef in their big juicy burger patty. The amount of awesome cheese was very generous. It also has slices of fresh tomato, barbeque sauce and bacon. The taste from each bite confirms the meat's high-grade quality. The other two things I love about this burger is the perfect bun and a generous amount of cheese! It also comes with perfectly crisp fries and a pickle, yes a whole pickle on the side, for the picky eaters who aren't big fans of pickles, there's an option to have it with your burger or leave it out.


This burger and wine deal for $20 is available for lunch only and for a limited time. My lunch at Glass Brasserie was very yummy for my tummy! How's yours?

Glass Wine Bar
at Glass Brasserie
Hilton Sydney Hotel
Level 2, 488 George Street,
Sydney, Australia 2000
Phone: (02) 9265 6068
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  1. Nice meeting you! We need more lunches like this... NOM

  2. wow looks good. sounds like a huge promo for Glass Bar hehe. sounds like a good deal considering the price of a glass of wine. i wonder if Charlie & Co and Rockpool Bar & Grill will start offering wine with their expensive burgers to be more competitive.

  3. Wish I could of came along but I dont work in the city. Such a great deal!

  4. that was one deeeeelicious cheeseburger!

  5. shame I couldn't tag along today :( but Shenkin was pretty awesome too but damn that burger oozes deliciousness

  6. Wow - look at it! It's a juicy monster! Yummo, I'm going to have to make myself available for that at some point...!

  7. Thanks for introducing us to this burger! LOVED IT! merry christmas and see you in the new year!

  8. Awesome!!!! I want one - how could anyone refuse :)

  9. Mmm, can't go wrong with bacon and melty cheese!!

  10. That's one heck of a meal for $20! Looks so goooood! Wish I could head there right now :)

  11. Holy crap! I wonder if the deal's still on?!


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