Sunday, December 21, 2014

Edition Coffee Rosters, Darlinghurst

I give big props to specialty coffee places that are deeply involved in the beans sourcing and roasting stage of their coffee. When something like that is combined with "Bro Power", a place like Edition Coffee Roasters comes to life.

Corey and Daniel

Bling bling! Gold milk jugs!
Edition is a partnership between brothers Corey and Daniel whom many of y'all would recognise from their extensive work in Sydney's coffee scene. I got really excited as soon as I heard word of their own cafe in the works. Dan and Corey's cafe fit out is Japanese and Scandinavian influenced. It allows a lot of natural light to enter the premises and the background music is pumpin' hip-hop jazz and Japanese hip-hop. All beans used for their espresso and filters are all roasted by them. They got a range of brewing methods covered: pourover, batch, aeropress, cold brew and Japanese drip. All the pastries on the counter are made in-house.
Flat White - Ethiopia Kochere
One thing that makes them stand out is that they don't serve blends for their espresso. Rather, an impressive single origin is used for milk-based drinks (which changes every fortnight-ish). I had an Ethiopia Kochere for my flat white ($4). It had a medium to full body with big notes of guava punching through the perfectly textured milk. It wasn't even double ristretto! But a single espresso shot! I've never ever had or heard of a single origin with flavours that can punch through milk like that.

Ethiopia Kochere

Kenya Mugaga

I've also tried their pourover ($6) and it did not disappoint! The Ethiopia Kochere had floral aroma and flavour notes of guava with hints of jasmine. The Kenya Mugaga was complex with honey and cola notes.

Gyokuro tea


Another thing you can get here is high-grade Gyokuro tea ($7) prepared the authentic way. Corey used hot water with a temperature of about 79-80 degrees celcius to brew the tea. It can extract about 3 cups. The flavour was similar to matcha but sweet and minus any bitter after taste. Gyokuro tea is served with Edition's housemade melt-in-your-mouth and sweet rakugan. Rakugan are dried sweets that are traditionally served with tea in Japan.
I've also tried their rhubarb ($7.50) based dish, which consists of poached sweet rhubarb, oat crumble, chestnuts and blackened rum cream. It was like an amazing deconstructed granola with addictive oat crumble and blackened rum that tasted like bold black sesame in a cream.
salmon smörrebröd 
Their salmon smörrebröd ($17) which consists of smoked salmon, tiles of dense rye, Pepe Saya creme fraiche, housemade pickles, red radish and roe tastes as beautiful as it looks! It's a delicate dish with perfect harmony of flavours and textures. The smoky and silky salmon works well with the dense rye, the briny roe and creaminess of the creme fraiche. The pickles and red radish gives balance to the dish.

I like that they are doing something different in the cafe scene but without going far out with their food. Edition is all about amazing honest coffee and food that is prepared and served with attention to detail. Congrats Corey and Dan! Edition Coffee Roasters will also be open throughout Christmas 2014 (Christmas day 7am to 11:30am) and New Year.

Edition Coffee Roasters
265 Liverpool Street (corner Crown)
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Trading hours:
Mon-Fri 7am to 3:30pm
Sat to Sun 8am to 3:30pm

kicthen closes at 3:00.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vic's Meat Market - Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont

There's more to the Sydney Fish Market than fish and other seafoods. Months ago, the famed Victor Churchill of Woollahra has opened Vic's Meat Market! It's a new butcher and smokehouse joint located at the carpark entrance of the Fish Markets.


Kong the Smoker

They've got all your protein needs covered! On the right side, you have a specialty butcher with huge range from wagyu steaks to ribs and sausages. On the left, they've got their smokehouse headed by the barbeque master Anton. This area has ribs, wagyu brisket, chicken and more! All cooked low and slow in their massive smoker imported from Yoders Smoker in Kansas. I visited Vic's with Chocolatesuze to try some of their delectable smoked barbecue meats.
Chicken wings

The chicken wings had an amazing smoky flavour and a nice crisped skin that was so addictive! I don't normally get smoked chicken as it easily dries up in the smoking process but their chicken wings were succulent!
Pulled pork sandwich
Their pulled pork sandwich ($10) came with a sweet and refreshing mustard pickle slaw. The pork was very tender and fatty. The barbecue sauce was tangy with notes of smokiness. The familiar soft sweet bun handles the whole sandwich well.

Brisket sandwich
The brisket sandwich ($10) was insanely delicious! The meat was super tender, extremely fatty (that way it should be), juicy and packed with so much smokiness. The slaw nicely offsets the richness of the brisket and the barbecue sauce adds a nice tang and kick. It was absolute bliss!
Pork ribs, slaw and pickles
Then I got to try the pork ribs ($40 full rack with slaw and pickles) on another occasion. It was done Kansas style with a dry rub. The outer layer had an amazing sweet and spiced peppery flavour whilst the rest of the meat was tender and smoky.

Vic's Meats is one of those places I see myself going back to a lot in the near future. I would specially go back for their smokin' awesome wagyu brisket! Vic Meat Market, it was soooo nice to "meat" you! Until next time!

Vic's Meat Market
Sydney Fish Market
Banks Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Trading Hours:
Butchery 8am to 5pm Monday to Sunday

Smokehouse area
Monday to Sunday  10am to 3pm

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mister Gee Burger Truck, Burwood

"Why another burger post Raff?!" You may ask. Why not?! Burgers are awesome and one of the best comfort-giving foods around! I'm all about sharing the love about my new burger hunts. Thanks to my fellow food lover SWEETANDYUMMIE and her Instagram post, we've discovered a new face in the burger scene that goes by the name of Mister Gee Burger Truck.

It's Mister Gee yo!

A food truck that specialises in burgers such as Mister Gee is one of the best things to hit the streets of the Inner West. You'll find them parked, flippin' burgers and pumpin' hip hop jams at Burwood Deluxe Car Wash on Wednesday to Saturday nights. I really like the minimal menu that contains a burger of the week, two types of French fries, and a milkshake. I visited them on two separate nights to sample what Mister Gee has to offer:
The Fat Boy burger
I went with G and Chocolatesuze on my first visit. The burger of the week was the Fat Boy burger ($10)It had beef patty, melted jack cheese, oak leaf lettuce, pickled cabbage, secret sauce and BACON JAM yo! All encased in a soft light brioche bun. The patty was cooked well-done but was still juicy and flavoursome. The flavours were well-balanced whilst the lettuce and pickled cabbage added texture and sour flavours. The caramelised sweet and smoky flavours of the bacon was the rockin' part of the burger. If it was a concert, my tastebuds would have gotten up on stage and did a stage dive. My palate was that pumped!
Cheese Boogie
The most recent burger of the week that I've tried was the cheese boogie ($10). I was so happy when Mister Gee's cheeseburger was back on the menu! It had 170 grams of beef patty, American cheese, caramelised onions, dill pickles and Mister Gee's secret sauce. It looked sexy and tasted badass! There was a lot of goodness going on from the super melted cheese to the sweet caramelised onions. Then there were the sour, creamy and tangy flavours from the pickles and secret sauce. I specially loved the caramelised crust created from smashing the beef patty which I give them props for. Smashed style patties done right are hard to find in Sydney. The light brioche soft sweet brioche bun held the whole burger well. It was no doubt a solid cheeseburger!    
Dirty fries


There are also two types of fries available: Standard fries ($4) or dirty fries ($5). The standard fries are shoestring French fries flavoured with a smoky salt blend. The dirty fries were topped with cheese, salsa and a secret sauce.

Baklava shake

They also have softdrinks and baklava shake ($6) available. The best part of the baklava shake is when you get towards the bottom and hit the pieces of baklava.

I'm so glad there are more legit burgers on offer around the West/Inner West part of Sydney. Follow Mister Gee Burger Truck on Instagram and like them on Facebook to see the latest upcoming burgers of the week to hit the streets of Burwood.

Mister Gee Food Truck
55c Shaftesbury Road
Burwood NSW

Trading hours:

Wednesday to Saturday from 7pm till late
Mister Gee Burger Truck on Urbanspoon